C.I.E, NO V-14, SE VW-17

Superkanias Rémregény






Reg nr: S65163/2009

Born: 2009-11-30


Hight: 60 cm

Weight: 25,6 kg

Dentition: Full set, scissor bite








  • Excellent, CK, R-CACIB, 9 x CACIB, 2 x BOS, 8 x BOB

International Show Champion (C.I.E)

Norwegian winner 2014 (NO V-14)

Swedish Veteran Winner 2017 (SE VW-17)


  • 2 x 1st prize, in obedience class 1


  • Character tested with a 2 on gunshots (Not gunshy)



Kiara is trained diligently in a variety of sports.

Obedience, hunting, blood tracking, tracking and airscenting.


Cofficient of inbreeding calculated on 8 generations: 0,321 %


Kiaras Pedigree chart

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