Kiara, Kora and I

I have always had a soft spot for animals, which started at a young age. A variety of animals from hamsters, snakes to horses and everything in between.

The interest in dogs came a lot thanks to my grandmother who breed Dalmatians. She took me to courses, dog shows and competitions around Sweden and Scandinavia.

I later on joined the Swedish Dog Youth Association, a club for kids and young adults to meet, train and compete with their dogs. I sat on their board for several years in the Stockholm district and in the working dog committee of the association.

During my years at the association I grew as a trainer and I learned a lot about dogs and their behavior. Not only about my own breed but also of other breeds which helps me understand dogs indivdual needs, abilities and limitations as well as different types of training techniques.

The first dog Lattja-Fai Viharos-Vezér "Kora" entired my life in 2004. The passion and interest for vizsla, training, competitons and later on breeding grew with the years and the first litter was born in 2009. It wasn't until 2013 that the kennel was registered.

I often get the question; Why vizsla?

Im half Hungarian, and as a kid I spent most of my summer holidays with relatives in Hungary playing with the neighborhood dogs. There were a variety of purebreds and a few mixes. The most common breed was the Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla.

I got to know a few, all with different personalities but with one thing in common. They were all easy to train and eager to learn! It was just a huge plus for me that they had such great mentality and good looks.

It was a real sight to see them in action, to work.

I'm a certified instructor for the Swedish Working Dog organization, SBK and the Swedish Dog Youth Association, SHU. I have obedience courses for puppies, intermediates, adults and private courses.

To read more about what I do with my dogs please go to Dogs..

For all inquiries please contact us;

Elisabeth Macauley


phone  +46727370033

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